• Targeted Advertising to your dedicated business profile page
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  • Reach new clients with the search engines & social networks
  • Promotion in an upcoming newsletter
  • Expansive Resources section for non profit mentoring and other services
  • Promote your business event on our easy to use calendar
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  • Interact with other members on the website

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How to register for your Florida Business Women membership:

STEP 1: Fill out the form to register and create your member account.

STEP 2: Once submitted, you will be prompted to select your membership subscription level.

STEP 3: Complete your payment and checkout process using PayPal – because our system is using recurring payments you may need to create a PayPal account if you don’t have one, but you will be able to pay with a credit card.

STEP 4: Our administrators will review and complete your registration, and send you a confirmation email with a link to create your Business Listing.

STEP 5: Begin using our site as a member!

Not sure? Review our Membership Packages.

Things to know before you join:

  1. Please read the Terms and Conditions. You will be prompted to agree to these terms upon checkout.
  2. You agree to pay a 10% fee to The Women’s Education Group, LLC for all new clients referred by our Member Directory, Social Media, Articles, Florida Events Calendar or Direct Referral. We believe in Karma and choose to trust your integrity. We intend to earn that same trust long-term for your member partnership.
  3. You also agree to link FloridaBusinessWomen.com to your website. You will be provided with the www.FloridaBusinessWomen.com logo to place on your site if you choose. Refer a business that signs up for one of our Business Marketing Packages, contact us and one extra month will be added to your listing at no charge as our gift to you.
  4. Full Payment is required via the PayPal Form. Or, you may choose the monthly payments via PayPal.

Please carefully proofread your registration form before clicking submit.

After registering you will receive information via email about how to post your Business Listing and how to edit your registered user information. Depending on the membership package you have chosen, you may also have access to add an event or post an article.

Florida Business Women is doing business as (DBA) The Women’s Education Group, LLC. You will automatically be emailed a receipt for payment from The Women’s Education Group, LLC. Upon receipt of payment, your business will be automatically listed in our Membership Directory.

Your Business Marketing Package is for one year from date of approval and posting.

Florida Business Women is a Registered Division of The Women’s Education Group, LLC (DBA). 

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