Ted Talks Best Speaker Tips

Inc Magazine

Every great TED talk begins with a good outline. If you want your presentation to leave a TED worthy impression, you'll need to start planning long before the day of the speech: how can you make your message memorable? What should be included in the talk? What should be left out? Should there be jokes?

Raising Your Small Business Pricing Advice

Fast Company

Raising your prices takes courage, but it’s often the only way to grow revenue when you’re a freelancer, solopreneur, or running a small service business. But it’s possible to do it without losing your clients–here’s exactly how.

What People Want from Customer Service

Harvard Business Review

As customers handle more of the simple issues themselves, frontline service reps get increasingly tough ones—the issues customers can’t solve on their own. See the Seven types of Reps.

Why America’s Boardrooms still cater to Men

Biz Journals

The lack of women in top leadership positions has taken on new relevance amid an expanding backdrop of high profile sexual harassment allegations in the workplace.